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  • The award winning "Dream Center" of Los Angeles. Restoring dreams, renewing lives, rebuilding hope to the inner city.
    Quotes from the, the effect page 2: "In the first four years of the Dream Center's establishment, prostitution and gang violence dropped 73%, the homicide rate dropped 28%, and rape dropped 53%." (Their work has been rapidly spreading all across the country and world.)

  • Quotes from the, the effect page 1: "Our Mobile Food Truck grew 70% in the first 2 years of its outreach. It now serves 2-1/2 to 4 tons of food each week to starving families in impoverished neighborhoods..." "Through the Adopt-A-Block program, over 600 volunteers rally together each Saturday morning, armed with rakes, trash bags, footballs and smiles to reach 30,000 people with the practical servanthood love of Christ."

  • Quotes from "Twenty years ago, Nicky Cruz warned America that unless something was done about the nation's drug epidemic, we would wake up one morning to find ourselves caught in an avalanche of youth violence. ...Violent images in movies, video games, television, and on the Internet provide horrifying role models for our children....But God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7)."

  • Quotes from 8-06 news: "Our time in London was emotionally draining yet extremely rewarding." "...The Hackney Police documented a 14% reduction in crime in Hackney as compared to last July; the police have told us that gangs, who would normally break out in a fist/knife fight on sight, are talking to each other about peace and about having attended some hit and runs..... Our opposition was fierce, but we serve a mighty and a faithful God. We saw strongholds broken in Jesus' name and boldly proclaimed the truth in love.

  • Quotes from "After establishing relationships with rival factions in communities, prisons, juvenile camps, probation schools, charter schools, and some churches, Unity One uses the Amer-I-Can 15-chapter curriculum so that education through life-skills training is taught. This opens up a line of communication, builds relationships and raises self-esteem and individual responsibility of self-determination." (info. heard about from

  • Quotes from "The Amer-I-Can Program is a 60 to 90 hour, 15 chapter, Life Management Skills curriculum that is designed to empower individuals to take charge of their lives and achieve their full potential.
    The objective of the program is to cause one to examine their past conditioned behavior patterns and to systematically apply proven methods to overcome behavior that negatively influenced their lives."
    This includes 8 program components: Motivation, habits; attitudes & conditioning, Goal Setting; Problem solving & decision-making, Emotional control; Family relationships; Financial stability; Effective communication; Employment search & retention. (info. heard about from

  • Cars highway safety page.

  • Center for the Prevention of School Violence

  • Child abuse, what to do about it. Three children die of abuse everyday, millions at risk annually.

  • Cyber Sitter site

  • Hoax info, truth, falsehoods, etc., about missing and sick children, petitions, others, from Snopes site

  • Unstitching the child labour debate, child abuses etc.

  • ALERT: Swimming pool safety for kids and others. From US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Recently a 6 year old lost intestines due to drain suction from a small pool.QUOTES from site: "Body part entrapment. CPSC knows of 74 incidents since 1990 in which parts of the body have been entrapped by the strong suction of the drain of pools, wad-ing pools, spas, and hot tubs. Of these, two resulted in dis-embowelment and 13 other people died. CPSC helped develop a standard requiring dome-shaped drain outlets and two outlets for each pump. This reduces the powerful suction if one drain is blocked. Consumers with older spas should have new drain covers installed and may want to consider getting a spa with two drains."(posted 7-14-07)

  • Quotes from about the Crisis Centers (hotline 1-800-999-9999): "Covenant House's door is never closed. Twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year kids come to our crisis centers when they have nowhere else to go. They're the runaways who have left abuse and they're the throwaway teens whose families didn't want them any more, the kids who drifted into a life on the streets and woke up one day desperate and scared. We never tell them we have no room. We never tell them to come back later."

  • Quotes from "Community Service Centers are located in neighborhoods where kids need the kind of extra support that our counselors and programs can provide. The aim is to try to connect with them before they wind up on the streets....The Centers offer intervention and counseling services geared to stabilizing home lives before family breakdown occurs. Rap sessions on topics of interest to kids help them deal with their problems."

  • "Operation Save America quotes: "“SIN is Destroying America” . "Death has climbed in through our windows and has entered our fortresses; it has cut off the children from the streets, and the young men from the public squares." Jeremiah 9:21."

    "Jeremiah 9:21 points to what is happening in America. The violence savaging the lives of our people in the streets (abortion, euthanasia, suicide, murder) has become a rod of chastisement to turn us back toward God (Ezekiel 7:14)...." Repentance and a change of heart is a necessity.

  • National clearinghouse on child abuse and neglect. Resource links include National Clearinghouse on Families and Youth, National Domestic Violence Hotline, National Resource Center for Youth Services, and Prevent Child Abuse America.

  • Teaching students to read to prevent crime. From MSNBC news, quotes: "She discovered many of the inmates couldn't read. And she decided, then and there, to fight crime by teaching struggling high schoolers to read before it's too late. "I believe that God led me on this direction, that this is where I'm supposed to be and what I'm supposed to do," says Lewing, “because without his strength I could not make a difference."

  • Anti-violence forum report from Grand Rapids. Quotes: "They came up with a number of solutions, including a call for better parenting programs, Improved relations between the community and police, more involvement by local churches, improved job training and placement programs, stronger partnerships between the Grand Rapids Public Schools and parents, improved coordination and collaborations between service delivery agencies, programs designed to address misconceptions of media to youth, creating neighborhood engagement programs, creating volunteer mentoring programs, and reentry programs for parolees.

    "The ideas are not really new," said Third Ward City Commissioner James White, "but when you get a city wide response saying we're ready to forward, that's new. That's great."

  • Parental tips for child safety from Beyond Missing site

  • Feed the Children international, run by Larry and Frances Jones, Christians; they help U.S. children in poverty, and many war-torn, famine-ridden places in the world.

  • Get Net Wise site

  • Info. on runaways.

  • Crime prevention site

  • ABC's of safe and healthy childcare.

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