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CANCER, part 2

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  • The links here do not mean there is a cure-all for any disease or ailment.
  • If you have a radical problem, work on it radically body and soul, that's my opinion. It's so hard to explain the right thing to people, but if it were me I would get radical in at least 2 ways like long ago. Strive to be closer to God and to be open to making changes the Lord would have you do (speaking from a Christian viewpoint). We all need to make changes on an ongoing basis.
  • Secondly, I would get radical with my diet - I would probably include the carrot and green juicing and more raw foods. When one is really sick, to give one's immune system a chance to recuperate and get back to a normal level again.

    There's something else to consider. Hereditary weaknesses and how some people don't get their physical healing until they are in heaven - we should all be heavenbound anyways. Place God first and let Him take dominion, do the best you can, and don't allow a spirit of fear to overtake you.

    Sometimes (not always) when people are rebellious (e.g., chronic sin, disobeying God's Word, denial of sin and a need for change etc), unforgiveness, chronic anger, not placing God first (idolatry comes in many forms), these need to be repented of and eliminate those evil roots so that we can experience spiritual health, which can also affect people physically. Sin can cause stress, and that can lead to dis-ease.

    It's not always to do with a spiritual problem, though, since there are many children afflicted with cancers, too, and with hereditary factors to consider. With all the environmental problems and other problems we have, it's miraculous that we survive as long as we do!

    Cell phones may possibly cause a radiation problem, (controversial topic) but cordless phones might also be problematic. And then all the different waves in the air could be causing various health problems, too.

    Even though I haven't experienced chemo or radiation, I have learned from others that it has helped them at times, when not overdone. But if a person counts too much on that, and doesn't work on building up their immune system, eventually it will backfire and too many years of treatment could be detrimental and lead to a relapse.

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  • BREAST CANCER, TERMINAL, OVERCOME BY ANNE FRAHM. Christians, David Frahm's website is linked here at www.healthquarters.org with details about books written. She died maybe a decade after the cancer stopped. She was receiving blood transfusions, and the extra iron in the blood caused her liver to shut down.

    Some things to include might be vegetarian meals, veggie salads, pizza with veggies, raw veggies, soups, fruits, green juices. I've read that people with diabetes can have a problem converting carotene in foods to Vitamin A, so a supplement would help.

    Other good supplements include Vitamin C with bioflavanoids. Green tea, other herbal teas, olive oil, Coenzyme Q10 which is good for the heart as well. Vitamin E complex is the best type of E (Swansonvitamins.com sells it at a discount); also a good vitamin and mineral supplement and filtered boiled water.
    If any meat, it might be a small amount, or organic chicken, maybe a little beef but not much, Chinese food without the additives like msg, fish like salmon etc.

    And kale, beets, potatoes, whole grain foods like brown rice, cornmeal, oats, beans (incl. lentil soup), dates, nuts (especially almonds), organic cow's milk and yogurt, olive leaf extract, echinacea capsules, fennel seed capsules, calcium and magnesium (she's also had calcium injections, but this would be only under a doctor's order), maybe acidophilus especially after taking antibiotics. There are so many dairy products to choose from, and also calcium even found in carrots and certain greens, that too much calcium in supplements is not needed.

    Also walking, fresh air, etc. Watch out for herbs, as some of them can be toxic in large doses, not good for those who are pregnant, for the allergy prone, etc. It would be good to have a reference book on them, or do searches to find out what the side effects might be before taking any.

  • BREAST CANCER, TERMINAL (HEALED): DR. LORRAINE DAY. She became healed of TERMINAL BREAST CANCER cancer after a regimen that included some surgery. She drank up to 10 glasses of carrot juice a day, about 4 glasses of green juice per day, and drank a lot of good quality water. She ate mostly uncooked, unpackaged, unprocessed, and uncanned foods, probably organic.
  • She worked round the clock with the help of her husband to do it right - she had to rest alot for about six months. The cancer stopped within about 8 months, and she regained her strength within about 10 more months. On her site she shows the health product called barley green.

    It takes a lot of work to get well, and some people don't want to do all of that. They would prefer to do only what the doctor say and that's it. There are also things we don't totally understand, and won't until we meet God. God is Sovereign and knows best, and this is not our final destiny, but to be with the Lord in heaven is for those of us who are Christians.

    There are times when we want someone to get well and receive a miracle, but it doesn't always happen that way, yet God's way is best and has an eternal perspective. God can see the whole picture of our lives from beginning to end.

  • (If there's anything new age, anti-Christian related, it's not promoted here for spiritual reasons. Hope you enjoy your research. God bless.)