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Updated 2-4-14. (For information sharing, not a medical site.)

I had ovarian cancer about three decades ago, and believe that if more people would focus on building up their immune system, we might see more people survive cancer. I combined both the spiritual and physical aspects. My condolences to those who have already died from cancer and other illnesses.

Feed the body cells in a way that will help them to grow normally instead of out of control. And detox the body, since the cancer cells can cause toxins to build up, so you have to detox to try and stay ahead of the damage. There are no guarantees here, but it might be worth a try. Body cleansing can include fresh fruits and veggies, grains, organic apples can be helpful and probiotics (2-9-12). And some take herbs and other things to assist with body cleansing.

  • BUILDING UP THE IMMUNE SYSTEM. At a time when someone has cancer, or immune system problems, and especially when it's terminal, one of the best things to do is to try and build up the immune system and the body's defenses. If the illness is not too far gone it should assist the immune system in fighting the illness.
  • SPECIFICS FOR HELPING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: for body and soul; juices like carrot and Kvass beet juice and green juices, fruit and veggie smoothies, the Mediterranean diet with whole grains, veggies, fruits, less meat, dairy, fewer sweets, olive oil; cooking with healthy oils, drinking better quality water, body cleansing including probiotics and fiber foods, good quality foods, super food supplements and other health supplements, exercise especially walking. Supplements like Vitamin C with acerola berries, Coenzyme Q10, green chlorella and barley green, flaxseed oil, probiotics, Vitamin D3, fiber, multivitamin and mineral supplements, among many others.

  • How your immune system works and nutrients that can help, click here.
  • COOKING OILS, what's good, how to choose them from askdrsears.com
    I like using pure olive oil for salads, some cooking, etc., but I've also tried some other oils at times. One of my brothers prefers using other oils including coconut oil, but he doesn't cook a lot.
  • IP-6 from rice and the immune system (research, click here) 3-6-12. This is available from various companies on the internet from about $9 a bottle and up. One of my brothers has been ordering it from http://www.riceplex.com (8-6-12).
  • A list of some of the world's healthiest foods.
    Some healthy foods can include: organic apples, beets, carrots, celery, salad greens, tomatoes, organic potatoes, pineapple, papaya, watermelon, yams, cabbage, broccoli, avocadoes, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, whole grain foods including spelt flour, brown rice and brown rice flour. Also, multigrain pasta, salmon, milk without BST hormones, rice milk, non-GMO soymilk (not genetically modified), beans, walnuts, almonds, almond butter, cashew butter, eggs, parsley, onions. Also green and black teas, organic cane sugar, pure maple syrup, maybe stevia, raisins, dates, olive oil (3-6-12). Some people recommend Essiac tea for fighting cancer.
  • Exercise, when not overdone, can help reduce stress. Humor can also help with stress levels and so help the immune system.
  • Chlorella, barley green, and Green Miracle are good products. And there are plenty of powdered and liquid green products available nowadays.

  • GOOD CHANGES TO ASSIST THE IMMUNE SYSTEM. When Dr. Donald Colbert was interviewed on TBN tv (tbn.com), he mentioned many things he would do if he or a patient of his had cancer. He said something about cancer beginning with inflammation of the tissue; a toxic environment, toxic food. Too many Omega 6 fats, and this needs to be balanced out with Omega 3 fat with EFA's or essential fatty acids. (Organic Flaxseed oil is one that has Omega 3's as well as others like Salmon oil, maybe other fish oils, etc.) He mentioned to avoid processed foods, the grilled part of meats from barbecues can be carcinogenic, so he said to scrape that part off.
    He mentioned about detoxifying the body on a regular basis. He takes around 2 milligrams of Melatonin at night to help him sleep, which he believes can also stimulate the immune system (note: melatonin can work like a sleeping pill, at least it felt that way when I tried it, so then I tried only a partial dose and that was better; I have switched to magnesium as a sleep aid; I used to take a 200 mg. tablet, and might do so in the future, but currently I use magnesium oil instead (2-22-12) ). He also mentioned heat therapy and saunas as being beneficial to the immune system, and reducing stress also boosts the immune system. He mentioned something about ozone vs. sunlight, and Vitamin D which has been said in other news sources to help protect against cancer, MS and other health problems. He also talked about taking digestive enzymes. (http://www.drcolbert.com)

  • REST AND RELAXATION is important for one's immune system to function better. If someone who is ill is keeping too busy and trying to do too many things, their body's immune system won't have as much time to fight the problem. Do things to help the body's immune system stay focused on fighting the illness, instead of being divided up and fighting stress as well as the illness.
  • GETTING RADICAL. When Dr. Lorraine Day had problems with terminal cancer, she worked on building up her immune system day and night. She eventually got well after months of working at it. She radically changed her diet and took a lot of carrot and green juices. In her case she didn't feel the need for health supplements since her diet was not the typical American fare. She also avoided packaged, canned and processed foods, and avoided cooked foods except maybe for things like baked potatoes. She probably ate organic foods, and she went vegetarian. In some cities that's harder to do, since locally our organic foods can be very high in price, but in other cities they are more reasonable. She also took time out to rest, and stressed the importance of drinking good quality water. My personal preference would probably be filtered, then boiled water cooled off. I avoid tap water because of contaminants, and other organisms that might be present. Bottled water can also have contaminants, although maybe not as much as tap, and it may also depend upon whether or not it's regulated.
  • HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS:It might have been at a later date that Dr. Day talked about Barley Green, which is a natural type of health supplement. And for myself personally I've found health supplements to be of great benefit, especially Vitamin C with bioflavanoids, Magnesium, Omega 3 oils, among many others.
  • WARNING ABOUT MEGA DOSES OF SUPPLEMENTS: There were times when I took large doses of Vitamin C and other vitamins on a short term basis, for therapeutic reasons. But if others want to try this, the best thing to do is work with a specialist who can keep track of how you are doing with them. Or else you have to have a good knowledge of supplements to make sure you are doing it right. I did have some examples here of when I've tried larger doses for different health ailments, but took it out.
  • This is from Dr. Tom Levy's site, on the many types of VITAMIN C and the importance of it should be listed there with a link to more information. which type is better, and warnings for overdosing on the calcium ascorbate type, which might cause heart and maybe kidney problems, I don't know. I don't claim to agree with or know all about Dr Levy.
  • SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING: Spiritual problems like anger, unforgiveness and resentments can tax the immune system. So it's important to do a spiritual cleansing as well, and ask the Lord for forgiveness and help in any way needed. I went through a deliverance process after being ill many years back, and found this to be an essential part of my physical healing. Confession is good for the soul and can be like deliverance to some extent.
  • NO DIET POP, ASPARTAME, NUTRASWEET, SPLENDA, AVOID WHITE SUGAR: Diet pop and aspartame and nutrasweet would also be important to avoid, as some write-ups and testimonies of people state this has been toxic to their system, while others don't believe it hurts. And white sugar can depress the immune system if taken too often. One or more of my brothers like coconut sugar, and we're familiar with Stevia sweetener also.
  • DENTAL FILLINGS: Some people will also have their mercury amalgam dental fillings removed and some sort of white composite filling used instead. That type is not perfect either, but one of my brothers strongly feels it's better than the amalgams. This continues to be a controversial topic. When there was a mercury spill locally, the people who cleaned it up were wore protective clothing and were very careful with it. So we should be even more careful with what goes into our mouths and bodies. Mercury poisoning has already been known to contribute to nervous system disorders.
  • CHEMO AND RADIATION: If these procedures are taken for too many years, they might affect the blood's ability to produce red blood cells (maybe the chemo if not the radiation), and may require blood transfusions. I know of someone this happened to. So it's important not to go overboard. So what are they for to begin with? It's to keep the cancer cells from spreading, but if it gets to the point of harming one's immune system too much, then the body will not be able to defend itself properly against future cancer cells. Vitamin C might help fight radiation damage to some extent since it's supposed to be good for body cells (2-9-12).
  • WATER FILTERS: Avoid drinking tap water, which can be chlorinated or flouridated which can impair the immune system, and can also have parasites. Boiling water and cooling it off can help.
  • OUR BODIES ARE MADE UP OF ABOUT 60% WATER."The cells in our bodies are full of water. The excellent ability of water to dissolve so many substances allows our cells to use valuable nutrients, minerals, and chemicals in biological processes."
  • ====

  • WATER AND SHOWER FILTERS:A shower filter will help remove the chlorine so it will not affect your get absorbed into your skin. The skin is the body's largest organ. There have been recent write-ups that there's been an increase in certain types of cancers from chlorine in drinking water and swimming pools.
  • VITAMIN C, COQ10: Vitamin C with bioflavanoids. Some people think that there might be too much calcium in the buffered types of vitamin C (2-9-12). Co-enzyme Q10 is also important for cellular health and the immune system, and also for the heart. Ubiquinol is supposed to be a more absorbable form of COQ10, especially for people who are middle-aged and older.
  • GREEN FOODS AND POWDERS:Green powders and green foods are great for the liver and blood and immune system. This would include green chlorella, spirulina, barley green, etc. The liver has to filter out toxins from the blood, deal with fats, hormones, drugs taken etc. So if the liver is in good shape, your immune system will function better. Some health stores will even have fruit powders, carrot powder or other combinations.
  • PROBIOTICS:They are more well known today, with advertising especially for yogurt products with probiotics in them.
  • FRUIT AND VEGGIE JUICING: Carrot juice and beet juice are good for the immune system. Beet juice might have oxalic acid in it, so if you have kidney problems it would be good not to take too much. One of my brothers likes Kvass fermented beet juice, which he said is good for people with high blood pressure. We have given it to my Mother for blood pressure problems. I personally felt it was very good for when I was fighting cancer to have beet, carrot and green juices. I did a lot of this juicing when I first learned about having ovarian cancer over thirty years ago. And especially before and after surgery I did this to build up my immune system. We liked it with a little apple and celery added. Pineapple and papaya would also be good, and raspberries, blueberries among others.

    I used to do juicing and might do it again someday, but there has been carrot juice available locally, so I haven't been doing the juicing myself. Juicing it yourself can ensure freshness and living enzymes, though, and would be especially good for someone who is sick. There are health stores that have ready made carrot juice, green juices, and fruit smoothies if you don't want to juice them yourself, although there might be more living enzymes in freshly squeezed juice.

  • The GREEN POWDERS are quicker, though, for when you don't want to do the juicing yourself. There might be more enzymes in the juices that you juice yourself (2-22-12). And some cities have juice bars where you can get it freshly squeezed from them instead.

    Juicing is different from just eating an apple or carrot, since there's a higher concentration of nutrients in the juice. But it's good to do both since eating the whole foods will also give you the added fiber.

    And some people will use the leftover pulp from the juicer to bake muffins, put in soups, etc.

  • THE BODY'S ACID AND ALKALINE PH BALANCE: When the ph balance of the body is too acidic, it's more likely that a person will become ill.
  • CALCIUM, MAGNESIUM: It's good to alkalinize the body by eating the right foods, and also taking calcium and magnesium when needed. Calcium works best with magnesium combined. When it's in "chelated" form this is also a more absorbable form. Calcium in food form is more ideal, though, and probably safer. I believe I'm getting enough calcium in food form.
  • This works great especially at night when it can help a person to relax and sleep, and work on the bones and nerves while one is sleeping. Or else you can get them in food form, like dairy and leafy greens and carrots for calcium, and greens, grains and seafood for magnesium. Magnesium also helps with anxiety. Foods that alkalinize would include many types of veggies.

    Usually the ratio is twice as much calcium as magnesium.

  • FRUIT SMOOTHIES: One of my brothers used to make these frequently. He blended several organic bananas, and optionally with 1/2 to 1 organic avocado. He often added organic berries, frozen ones during the off season. Raspberries, and some other berries and foods, have elagic acid that's been said by some to have anti-cancer properties. Blueberries are also very good.
  • If you don't want that many bananas, you could probably put less of those, and more of another kind of fruit you like. He also added some filtered water, and maybe a tablespoon of green powder. He's tried a variety of them, including blue green algae and he used to get the one at www.miraclegreens.com. But at a later date he tried chlorella and spirulina powdered foods that he put in smoothies instead. He's tried many different natural health supplements, so it's hard to keep up with him. There are other good ones like barley green, chlorella and spirulina from riceplex.com, www.greenmiracle.com.

    This might help to boost the immune system and give needed energy. It will also help the liver to function better, and give needed fiber to help naturally cleanse the body the easier way. The LIVER HAS TO FILTER TOXINS FROM THE BLOOD, deal with hormones, fats, process medications, etc., so when that's functioning right the immune system will work better.

  • AVOID WHITE SUGAR: In some places I've read that cancer feeds off of things like sugar, and probably other processed foods, too, like bleached white flour products. So it would be good to try and avoid this as much as possible, and stick with naturally sweet foods like fruit. If you want sugar at all, there's organic cane sugar, honey, pure maple syrup, stevia and other sugar substitutes. But for someone very sick with cancer, it would be better to avoid it almost totally until one's immune system is working better. Fruit would be better, and maybe a small amount of dark chocolate since that has health benefits.
  • VITAMIN AND MINERAL SUPPLEMENTS: A natural vitamin mineral supplement might be beneficial, since no one has a perfect diet. A whole food kind is more ideal, if you can't handle all the ingredients in the whole foods kind, which might include bee pollen. Someone with allergy problems could have a dangerous allergic reaction to that, although this is not common. There may be a variety of herbs in the whole foods kind, so the more traditional one will work better for people with allergies. If you're getting good nutrients from other sources, you might not need them as often. There are many different brands to choose from nowadays.
  • WEIGHT GAIN FORMULA: If a person is dropping too much weight, especially during an illness, you might want to get some weight gain formula, which might also be called a body building formula. GNC health stores and others sell them. This can be added to the fruit smoothie when one needs to gain weight, or added to juice.

  • AVOID BREATHING IN CHEMICAL FUMES, AVOID AIR FRESHENERS, ETC. Be careful when using strong cleaning products, avoid breathing in the powders and liquids. Using disposable gloves and a face mask can help (2-22-12).

  • PRAYERS, HEALING, DELIVERANCES: Prayers are extremely important. Over 3 decades ago when I was fighting cancer, I also went through a deliverance process, and a deliverance minister prayed against a spirit of infirmity. I don't think everyone has that problem, but I felt like I did at the time. So help with both body and soul is very important. Also, for fellow Catholics, the anointing of the sick and healing Masses can help. (2-22-12) For information on deliverances, you can click here to this page.